10 Super Stories from Cameroon

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10 Super Stories from Cameroon

10 Super Stories from Cameroon

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The compilation and publication of this first edition of short stories from Cameroon by Nyaa Publishers is indeed a giant step in the direction of placing Cameroon literature in English at the world stage of literary prowess. The publication of this volume is just the first in a series that will include poetry and drama collections from Cameroon. The themes x-rayed in this maiden edition include: culture, religion, politics, migration, poverty, racism, tribalism, corruption amongst others. It is our wish that these short stories will go a long way to paint a clearer picture of the 21st century Cameroonian society in particular and Africa in general. Nyaa Hans Ndah PhD - CEO of Nyaa Publishers 10 Super Stories from Cameroon is a snapshot of burning issues in Cameroon. Although it is born into the fictional universe, the publication is an embodiment of bitter truths. Indeed, the authors of the stories are far from the madding crowd of alleluia writers whose works remain an ignominious panegyric to the dream - killer and vision murderer rulership. The word-benders and pseudo patriots who thrive by propagating falsehood will squirm in the shadows when they come face-to-face with the frank talk in the book. The Post – Cameroon. 10 Super Stories from Cameroon is a manifestation of facts where suffering is transcribed in script. Epitome Journals – Aurangabad MS India At the time when creative minds West of the Mungo are increasingly gaining literary consciousness, when Cameroon literature in English is experiencing a somewhat silent boom, 10 Super Stories from Cameroon is no surprise. It is a flurry of fine literature that will hold every enthusiastic reader spellbound. Read it; you will not only get immersed in Cameroon’s immense sociopolitical and cultural waters, you will also avail yourself of quality material for mental gymnastics. NewBroom Magazine – Cameroon “Frank, candid and insightful. This is indeed a thoughtful key to understanding the political and socio-economic engineering of the Republic of Cameroon.” Cameroon Concord News Group – London 10 Super Stories from Cameroon published by Nyaa Publishers in modern day English will be a surprise to many people around the world who think of Cameroon as a French speaking country only. This work is a major contribution to building a truly bilingual Cameroon. The Guardian Post – Cameroon


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